Salt Lake Trucking Group found guilty of cheating FedEx out of $108M, bribing employees

A federal jury has found two proprietors of a local trucking conglomerate guilty of conspiring to commit wire fraud, as disclosed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The convicted individuals, Yevgeny Felix Tuchinsky, 63, and Konstantin Mikhaylovich Tomilin, 54, both residents of Salt Lake County, owned the Salt Lake Trucking Group, a cluster of trucking companies. As per legal records, they distributed bribes exceeding $300,000 to FedEx Ground employees, resulting in the conglomerate accruing $108 million from FedEx throughout a decade. Per court documents, the accused trucking tycoons engaged in a fraudulent collaboration by illicitly influencing FedEx Ground employees through substantial bribes. This misconduct led to an undeserved windfall for the Salt Lake Trucking Group, accumulating $108 million in revenue from FedEx contracts over a ten-year span. The deceptive maneuver involved the manipulation of the established relationship between FedEx and local trucking companies, termed Contract Service Providers (CSPs). These CSPs, tasked with transporting FedEx packages in semitrucks, were compensated based on mileage. The convicted individuals exploited this system by discreetly channeling significant bribes to FedEx Ground employees, compromising the integrity of the contractual process and resulting in substantial financial gains for their trucking conglomerate.

Tuchinsky and Tomilin's enterprises were among the service providers responsible for collecting and delivering semitrailers laden with packages at the FedEx Ground Hub in North Salt Lake. As disclosed in the statement, spanning from approximately 2009 to 2019, the duo engaged in bribery, enticing FedEx employees to steer more business toward their respective companies. These illicit payments led to the unjust acquisition of FedEx business by the companies for an extended period exceeding a decade. In addition to their deceptive practices, Tuchinsky and Tomilin were purportedly proprietors of shell companies, utilizing deceit to mislead FedEx regarding the genuine ownership of these entities. According to the release, they concealed from FedEx that the Salt Lake Trucking Group (SLTG) was the actual owner and operator of the shell companies, emphasizing that these entities shared the same owners, assets, trucks, and workforce.

Among their other offenses were lying about driver qualifications and failing to honestly report accidents. “The defendants’ bribery and lies resulting in SLTG receiving $108 million from FedEx. Tuchinsky personally gained $7 million and Tomilin personally gained over $4 million from the scheme,” the release states. Tuchinsky and Tomilin’s sentencing is scheduled for May 20 at the U.S. District Courthouse in downtown Salt Lake City.