SOLO vs TEAM driving - benefits

When searching for jobs, truck drivers use quite a few filters. They maintain an eye out for trucking businesses with honest pay, benefits, flexibility and a number of different perks. Ultimately, each and every truck driver needs to locate the great profession selections for them. It all comes down to discovering alternatives that in shape their objectives, time table and using arrangements. Many truck drivers pick to go solo whilst others decide on co-driver. Keep analyzing to discover the advantages of each processes so that you can decide the fine route for your profession in the lengthy run.

What is solo driving?

Solo riding is when a truck driver operates a automobile and drives distances via themselves. It’s solely you and maybe your pet, relying on your company’s policies, however essentially, there will now not be any different humans there with you as you go from Point A to Point B.

How does solo riding work?

Some drivers opt for to power alone. They haul cargo to a range of vacation spot factors with fewer interruptions alongside the way. Solo drivers are utterly accountable for themselves and their cargo, which means they have to make choices on their own.

4 advantages of solo truck driving

Solo truck riding has countless benefits. Some of the most quintessential blessings are outlined below.

Complete control

Solo truck drivers are given full manage over the complete using experience. As a solo driver, you get to determine when you make pit stops and when you get lower back on the street to proceed driving, barring criminal limits.

With a partner, you won’t have as a great deal manage due to the fact you will want to compromise sometimes. For instance, if your companion has to use the restroom or make a pit give up for some different reason, you will have to accommodate their wishes as well.

As such, you might also take longer to tour due to the quantity of time that it will take to make stops alongside the way. Some companions will coordinate their pit stops to decrease friction, however the hazard of taking greater time to journey is constantly existing when you’re phase of a team-based truck drive.

More spacious

Trucks don’t have a lot of area to work with, however a solo driver receives to use all of the house inside a truck. Some truck drivers deliver their pets with them when traveling, however you can additionally put meals or different private gadgets in the passenger seat.

Solo truck drivers

frequently experience much less cramped in the course of their lengthy commutes, however if you get lonely, buying and selling area for a partner may be preferred. Regardless, longer hauls paired with much less area can experience challenging.

Control your personal schedule

Some truck drivers go back and forth on weekdays so that they can spend time with their households at some stage in the weekends. As a solo driver, you can set your very own time table and then stick to it. Team drivers have to negotiate with their companions and make certain they are on the equal page.

Sometimes, you might also get domestic later than deliberate due to the fact your co-driver wishes to do an extra route. Team riding can work if you are each in sync, however big scheduling variations can create a lot of friction. Solo drivers can keep away from this tension, permitting them to remain in control.

Avoid driver disputes

Solo drivers can make real-time selections besides annoying about any driver-related disputes. During a site visitors jam, you might also choose to take some other route to attain the ultimate vacation spot faster.

Solo drivers

can make this preference instantly, however your team driver would possibly no longer be on the identical page. Your team driver may also insist on staying on the identical route alternatively of choosing a specific route. Discrepancies like these can make a lengthy trip sense longer, however solo drivers get to keep away from this fate, which is regularly considered as a benefit.

What is TEAM driving?

Team riding is when a trucker drives with a partner. You and your co-driver take turns riding the truck and dealing with loads.

As such, you won’t have to log all of the miles on your own. Plus, you’ll get to pass by the quantity of time you can be on the avenue by means of dozing whilst your companion drives.

How does team drivers work ?

Team drivers entire whole routes together. They alternate with every different to make positive they are inside the felony limits of their power time.

Since team using is a choice, humans who pick to work collaboratively as an alternative than commuting by using themselves can work to pick their ideal partner. There are economic incentives for team driving, which you will break up with your partner, however masking greater miles collectively potential extra cash overall, so it all works out.

4 advantages of being a TEAM driver

Some truck drivers select team riding jobs due to the fact they prefer to have a companion on the street with them rather of opting for solitude. If you assume group riding trucking would possibly be your subsequent route, exploring some of the primary blessings would possibly assist you make your decision.


Some truck drivers desire to speak with anyone to skip the time. Though solo truck drivers can name household individuals and talk with them over the cellphone whilst on the road, household contributors won’t usually be handy each and every time you choose to discuss to someone.

They would possibly no longer even be conscious when you name if you’re using late at night. Team participants can provide every different a regular supply of conversation, which can be a skill to omit the time on the road.

Earn extra money

Although you have to break up the pay with your team driver, most team drivers earn greater money. Covering greater miles and unloading and loading vans faster makes up for having to cut up the pay.

Plus, many trucking organizations pay team drivers extra per mile. More miles on the street will extend your incomes potential.

Spend much less time driving

You don’t have to force as many miles when you take on routes with a partner. Your fellow truck driver can take over for you when you develop tired, giving you a damage in the process. It’s ok to want a break. Everyone wants them sometimes. But with a co-driver, the truck will nevertheless cross as you get better due to the fact your companion will power as you rest.

More sleep

Truck drivers not often get ample sleep. Driving on the avenue whilst feeling worn-out can enlarge the possibility of an accident as nicely as fitness troubles in the future.

The days can drag on and sense unenjoyable if you do no longer have adequate sleep. Team drivers function in shifts, and you can sleep for a few hours whilst your team driver takes over.

Solo drivers do no longer have that flexibility. Their solely way to sleep is to pull over, which is some thing many truckers choose to face up to in view that a stationary truck doesn’t make money.

Solo using vs group driving Solo using and group using each have their personal units of execs and cons. Solo drivers get to ride the freedom and flexibility related with a lone-wolf approach.

On the different hand, team drivers decide on camaraderie, extra cash and the probability to spend longer hours on the street whilst additionally getting to sleep as needed. You will make tradeoffs with both decision, and you’ll have to examine which tradeoffs are really worth it for your profession as nicely as your livelihood.

Log the miles your way Truck drivers make cash when they are on the road. Hauling cargo over larger distances is optimal, however drivers have selections when it comes to accomplishing that goal.

Solo using offers drivers greater flexibility, however you can cowl extra miles with a team driver, although you will want to cut up the cash as well. Truck drivers have to determine which benefits are extra favorable for their life-style and preferences.


Is Team Driving truck riding well worth it?

Team truck using can be really worth it for drivers who prefer to maximize their salary practicable and don’t thinking shut quarters with any other driver, however the life-style requires sacrifice of personal/family time.

What is the pinnacle pay for Team drivers?

The pinnacle pay for skilled group drivers at the biggest carriers can exceed over $200,000 per year.

How many miles can group drivers force in a day?

Team drivers can legally pressure up to eleven hours per day splitting time in the back of the wheel for a complete of 22 hours of using time, permitting them to cowl over 1,000 miles in a day earlier than stopping.